About the ARTIST

“Art is to me what feeds my soul, Ounce by ounce my daily rolling role”

Name: Ananthanarayanan V.

Birth City and Year: Mumbai City, 1981

Interest in Art: The passion for art and interest in experimenting with symbolic art forms, shapes, colours and varied creative medium has been an integral part of his learning process.

Profession: A consultant by profession, a poet and a writer by passion and an artist for the dire need to keep himself alive.

Journey to Art: His curiosity about the physical world with the perpetual longing to discover the emotions and expressions has brought him a step closer to art every second of his life. His eccentric passion for the digital medium led him to explore multiple channels and skills for expressing his views. It helped him explore places, meet different artists, share varied skills and exchange their views on the philosophy of life.

Inspiration: Life & Nature: Observation: The works from the Masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso have had tremendous impact on his learning process over the years. He then started sketching his thoughts through the nature of experience from observation and in particular perspective sensory experiences and gradually discovered the 2d / 3d digital medium to be an infinitely minute part of his routine and personality. Sketching, photography, Sculpting, Spirituality and Relief works have been great driving forces influencing his works in various forms.

Contributions / Publications / Other Credentials:

Nominated for “Rashtriya Gaurav Award” for contribution to Various NGO’s

Published a Coffee Table POETRY BOOK Titled “EXPRESSIONS” covered by the Times Of India team

Constant contributor of Digital art media to International CG societies

Listed in art.in for Indian Contemporary Artist Directory

Academic Profile:

PGCPM from IIM Indore

Diploma in Advertising & PR – Welingkars (Mumbai)

Diploma in Advanced Animation (Mumbai)

International Skill Certifications – Brainbench (USA)



His Fav Quote: “Life has a way of Balancing Itself”

For comments / queries: mail Artist: ananthv9@gmail.com

For Commercial Purchase, contact media center stuido at: admin@techdivine.com

Few other Sites:






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